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Nestled in Richmond just south of Vancouver is a wonderful little facility called Trove. 

Trove operates as a luxury/high end storage facility and clubhouse for automotive enthusiasts with expansions for some higher end dining experiences in the works also.

If you have been following us for some time then you probably know by now that a lot of the most exclusive and high end events take place at Trove throughout the summer season. One of the key perks of this is the types of cars that grace the pavement in that facility also.

Its worth noting that we are exceptionally blessed in British Columbia, Canada as our federal laws allow most vehicles that are manufactured to be on the streets here but also being that BC is one of the more wealthy provinces there is a much higher chance of actually seeing some of these cars!

One of the partners in the facilities development owns a carbon fiber production facility and spends a lot of his spare time doing customization of vehicles. He also works with Brixton Forged wheels which has allowed him to take his work to another level.

Take this Ferrari 488 that they extensively modified for a private client for example.

Troves events also bring in a very wide variety of “guest stars” as we would put it. Cars and people like Richard with his RWB. RWB as you are familiar is Rauh Welt Begriff which originated in Japan and specializes in wide Porsches like this beautiful gem!

Some of the events that get hosted at Trove are for new vehicle soft releases like the new Lamborghini Countach. In a beautiful green finish with a lovely caramel interior the new Countach is quite an incredible successor, would just love to see some huge jet plane wing on it also haha.

As you can see from fun packed events to incredible cars Trove is a really fantastic addition to the automotive industry in British Columbia. With multiple levels and various sizes and zoning of the floor plans there is a ton of opportunity for people looking to explore business opportunities or store their pride and joy. Plus look at how great it is for photos!

It would be pretty awesome to see more of these facilities popping up all around the world.

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