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Porsche is no stranger to motorsports, culminating in hundreds of wins in GT series racing over the last 60 years. When the FIA streamlined its homologation categories, the Group N/GT classification would emerge as a test bed for fine-tuning the brand’s most successful model – the 911. Group N/GT would later be re-refined into GT2 and GT3, each having distinctive rulings on engine sizes, weight, forced induction etc. The 911 would go on to compete in both, requiring homologation. The GT3 would become the ultimate modern naturally-aspirated 911. Our friend Eric acquired not just an average 991.1 GT3 but an RS (Rennsport) as his ultimate track day weapon, and we were fortunate enough to have a first-hand look. 

Though the unmistakable silhouette of the 911 is present, the GT3 RS amplifies every bit of its motorsport heritage. The front bumper has enlarged air intakes for auxiliary oil coolers and a splitter for further air manipulation. The front fenders are louvred to help evacuate the wheel wells and prevent the front-end lift. The roof skin is composed of magnesium to help lower the center of gravity. Both rear quarters are transplanted from the Turbo model, incorporating the air intakes and helping divert airflow to the fixed rear spoiler. The interior includes full bucket seats (based on the carbon seats of the 918 Spyder), carbon-fibre inserts, lightweight door handles and the Club Sport Package as standard (a bolted-on roll cage behind the front seats, preparation for a battery master switch, and a six-point safety harness for the driver and fire extinguisher with mounting bracket.)

Under the rear engine cover resides an RS exclusive 4.0 litre flat-6 equipped with dual overhead camshafts and direct fuel injection. The six-cylinder can deliver 493hp and 338lb/ft of torque to the rear wheels. Backing up the engine is a 7-speed dual-clutch transaxle (known as the Porsche PDK) and includes some unique features such as a “paddle neutral” and a Pit Lane speed limiter. This combo gives the 911 some serious numbers, 0-100km/h arrives in 3.3 seconds, the quarter mile in 11.1 seconds and a top speed of 311km/h (193mph). However, this 911 isn’t just quick in a straight line; putting down lap times of 1:47.52 at Circuit De La Sarthe (Le Mans) and 7:20.00 at Nürburgring Nordschleife make this a blisteringly fast machine.

Beneath the skin, the front suspension consists of Macpherson strut geometry using Bilstein struts and steel coil springs with an optional axle lifter for additional clearance. At the same time, the rear features a multi-link design. Brembo handled stopping power by using aluminum multi-piston calipers clamping down two-piece vented discs (380mm all around). Magnesium is used once again for the center-lock wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires for their optimal grip. 

The GT3 RS builds on Porsche’s experience as a world-class sports car manufacturer, earning further accolades for being the most prominent racing car producer to date.

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